Swan Song

Apple TV + has had a few movies on their streaming service in 2021, but they have not had a lot. There are more series than movies. However, Mahershala Ali’s new sci-fi film, Swan Song, debuted on the service last week and he is a standout in the film.

Cameron (Mahershala Ali), a loving husband and father, was diagnosed with a terminal illness. His doctor (Glenn Close) presented him with an opportunity to spare his wife Poppy (Naomie Harris), who just recently lost her twin Andre (Nyasha Hatendi), the grief of his death. She offered to have him replaced with a duplicate of himself who would insert himself into his family’s life without them knowing.

Mahershala Ali brings a major performance in this dual role, playing the uncertainty and the anguish of a man not sure if what he was doing was right. Mahershala Ali is really strong and elevated the film, which is okay, to another level.

Performances are absolutely the strength of this movie because not only is there Mahershala Ali, but Awkwafina, who plays another person who has already replaced herself with a duplicate, is amazing and Naomie Harris as Poppy has some really powerful moments over the loss of her brother.

The premise is excellent too, but the film does not feel as if it takes the steps to really commit to it. Thanks to the performances, Swan Song turned out to be a worthwhile experience.

Swan Song is currently available on Apple TV +.

3.6 stars

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