Man with the Screaming Brain (2005)

DailyView: Day 256, Movie 358

Bruce Campbell is a national treasure…

But what the hell did I watch?

Bruce Campbell made his directorial debut with 2005’s Man with the Screaming Brain, which he also starred and I found on Amazon Prime this morning.

William Cole (Bruce Campbell) and his wife Jackie (Antoinette Byron) came to Bulgaria on business. William hired himself a taxi driver Yegor Stragov (Vladimir Kolev) as a guide. This led to both William and Yegor being killed by hotel maid and gypsy, Tatoya (Tamara Gorski). Crazed scientist Dr. Ivan Ivanovich Ivanov (Stacy Keach) tried out his new scientific discovery by combining part of Yegor’s brain into the body of William. Yegor was able to control part of William’s body and somehow talk to him.

Holy cow. This was terrible. The only positive is that it was supposed to be terrible. It was designed to be a horribly stupid movie. I’m not sure if that is a benefit for the film, that it was going for stupid and it achieved it. Is that a positive?

There were some ridiculously funny moments, such as Jackie being thrown down the steps that had to be done for laughs. There is no way it was meant to be serious.

Bruce Campbell is still an amazing performer, being able to play this silly situation straight. No other actor could have pulled this role off.

This was stupid as could be, but I was somewhat entertained.

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