Station Eleven S1 E3



I am just not sure what they heck is going on with this TV show.

But I do believe that I am here for it.

After the first two episodes, which were totally different in structure and story, centered around the arrival and the after-effects of a deadly flu that has spread across the planet, “Hurricane” comes as episode three and is completely bizarre and tells the story of a woman who we met only momentarily in the premiere episode (and honestly, I did not remember that). Miranda Carroll (Danielle Deadwyler) was the author/artist of the graphic novel that was given to Kirsten when she was younger, one we thought was not widely spread.

Turns out that Miranda and Arthur (remember when Arthur died on stage in the premiere) had a great love affair and that Arthur was the love of Miranda’s life.

Station Eleven' Episode 3 Recap: "Hurricane"

We went through the entire episode and never once flashed ahead to the future Kirsten or to Jeevan and Frank or to the Travelling Symphony. We did see young Kirsten as a cameo during that time when Miranda brought Arthur the graphic novel that she had, apparently, been working on for years as a passion project that she never intended for anyone to see. In fact, she went as far as burning her work (along with Arthur’s poolhouse).

Station Eleven' Episode 3 Recap: "Hurricane"

After a failed attempt to escape the flu on a vessel out to sea, Miranda went back to her hotel room and duct taped herself inside. A knock came to the door and… who was there? The astronaut from episode one. What the hell?

Station Eleven Episodes 1, 2 and 3 Recap/Ending, Explained

I was fascinated by the episode almost as much as I was completely confused by the episode. The story structure jumped all over the time frame with Miranda and there were times when I had to stop and think to myself… “okay, WHEN is this happening now?” I seriously think the title cards that the show would drop only made it more confusing.

Does this all have to do with the origin of the flu that killed so many people or is that just a side note and meant to be just the backdrop of the entire series so we can see the lives of these people and how they lived their lives. Kind of like how we do not find out details about the zombie outbreak in The Walking Dead.

Who is this Astronaut and what is his/her story? Is Arthur that important of a central figure? Where did the flu come from? Are there aliens involved? Will next episode have anything to do with this one or will we return to the characters that we had met prior?

I’m not sure, but I would like to know.

Station Eleven: Season 1/ Episode 3 “Hurricane” – Recap/ Review (with  Spoilers)

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