Exit Through the Gift Shop (2010)

DailyView: Day 268, Movie 374

This evening, I took a trip into the world of street art and found a documentary that was one of the oddest documentaries that you will ever see,

It started out with French immigrant in LA, store owner and amateur filmmaker Thierry Guetta, running around trying to record street artists and their work. He started with his cousin, who happened to be street artist Invader, and worked his way to the mysterious Banksy, who was the director of this documentary. Oh, it gets weirder.

Guetta followed Banksy around, in order to create a film about the street artist, a man who goes out of his way to hide his identity. When the final film was brought to Banksy, he was shocked at how unwatchable it was. Banksy realized that the footage of the street art was valuable and so he decide that he would make his own film, following Guetta. He then suggested to Guetta that he put together his own “little’ art show.

Guetta went wildly all out, creating a massive show, featuring his own brand of art that certainly was influenced by the art of Banksy.

Guetta was an unbelievable character that was about as eccentric as they come, and this includes a director shown in shadow to protect his identity. There has been some speculation that this entire documentary was staged and that Guetta was just created by Banksy.

The doc was funny, not only by the oddball lead character, but also with the lines of dialogue. It is visually attractive and has excellent pace. Some of the scenes were shockingly bizarre and hard to believe, which is why, I am sure, some think it is not real.

Worth the watch for sure.

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