Son of Bigfoot (2017)

DailyView: Day 269, Movie 377

Last year on Netflix, there was an animated movie called Bigfoot Family, and I was interested because I have always been a fan of the Bigfoot. I did not like the movie that much, unfortunately. It was during the writing of the movie review that I discovered that the film I was watching was actually a sequel. Wild. I could not find the original anywhere though, and, of course, since I did not like the film that much, I did not give too much effort to find it.

The original film, called Son of Bigfoot, went on the DailyView list way back at the beginning, but I was still having issues finding it. It was low priority so I kept going. Nine months into the DailyView, I found Son of Bigfoot on Vudu. And do you know what? This was much better than the sequel.

Adam is a bit of an outcast at his school, especially since his hair has seemed to suddenly be growing out of control. Despite this, he has gone about his life with his mom, living together. He had never known his father. However, one day, Adam discovered a bunch of letters that were written to his mom by his dad, who was very much still alive.

Adam became very mad at his mother’s lies and he ran away in an attempt to find his absentee father. Little did Adam know, there was a bigger secret that his father had been hiding from him. So when Adam’s efforts led him to the middle of the forest, he found himself in danger. He was rescued by a bigfoot, who turned out to be his father.

HairCo was a multimillion dollar company that had been pursuing Adam’s father and who he was hiding out from, but with the new publicity, head of HairCo Wallace Eastman resumed his search for Bigfoot.

The voice acting was solid here, despite not having any recognizable voices. In fact, that may be why it was good. There were a bunch of voice over actors who had experience with voicing animation working on the film and doing quality work. The animation was really good too, as well as the designs of Bigfoot and Adam.

The story was fun, if not difficult to believe. I felt more of a connection with Adam than I did anytime in Bigfoot Family. The secondary animal characters were enjoyable and added to the comedy of the film.

Wallace Eastman was a menacing villain and does some terrible things to try and get the DNA of Bigfoot so they could master the ability to regrow hair quickly.

This film is light weight for sure, but I enjoyed watching it. It provided a strong father-son story/relationship and some engaging action sequences and funny moments.

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