The Requin

I’ve always enjoyed killer shark movies.

Then there was The Requin. I had to look up that title. I guess it is French for shark, though I do not know why it is French, since it takes place in Vietnam.

This film is horrendous. It is all over the place. The characters are wooden and the acting is terrible. The effects on the sharks (which do not show up until well into the second act of the movie) are abysmal. The third act is downright laughable, and not in the good way.

A grieving couple, who have just lost a baby (I think) went to Vietnam to a beach side house (like most people do) which gets swept out to sea during a storm. Alicia Silverstone and James Tupper are Jaelyn and Kyle respectfully. They are the dumbest people.

The film teased sharks showing up throughout the first and much of the second act but just made it fish or dolphins. Oh…look… that’s not shark, tee hee.

Its very bloody with body parts at times, but none of them look realistic. Nothing about the backstory that is tossed in the film in the first act is dealt with later. It just feels like a lame attempt to fill out the time. There is only so much you can do with a shark attack after all.

Unfortunately, the shark is as dumb as the couple because the shark dies in the most inane way, practically by accident.

I can see why this went directly to streaming/on demand because nobody would go to see this in a theater. It is an early leader for worst movie of the year in 2022.

1 star

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