Peacemaker S1 E6


“Murn After Reading”

Peacemaker, after last week’s episode which was good but not as outstanding as the previous week, is right back at it with an unbelievably great episode. So much happened! It was just fantastic and I can’t wait for the next chapter.

Last week we left off with Murn standing over Leota after she discovered the butterfly in his head. Surprisingly, he does not try and kill her and, after Harcourt arrived, explained his background as a butterfly. Turned out that the butterfly was not supporting the takeover of the planet unlike Goff, the butterfly that Peacemaker had captured and was holding inside a glass jar.

Peacemaker Episode 6 Promo: "Murn After Reading"

Peacemaker’s home is under attack by the police after an arrest warrant is issued for Chris Smith when Sophie Song went to a judge with the evidence that cleared Auggie. Auggie was released from jail and he went back to his home to get into his old armor so he could kill his son.

Peacemaker Episode 6 Breakdown & Easter Eggs Explained

This scene was interspersed with a scene of the newly possessed Sophie Song (who was taken over by Goff when it got out of the jar *Thanks Vigilante*) leading an army of butterflies into the police station, taking over everyone in their path in one of the best montage sequences you are ever going to get. Teh shot of Song walking through the door with the butterflies around her was so bad ass.

This was a horror-filled scene and it was so awesome with the montage style of a scene.

John Cena has brought so much to Chris Smith, Peacemaker. The little tidbits they are dropping with his origin and the death of his brother (apparently at Chris’s own hands) have been extremely compelling. Cena has brought so much to this character, a character that felt as if it did not have that depth to him. And he plays the piano.

By the way, Eagly kicked some serious ass today!

I loved this episode. It was just behind episode 4 for me. So much happened and it was still filled with plenty of character and human moments.

Two episodes remaining for Peacemaker.

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