Murderville S1 E4-6

Spoilers for the Murderville series

I completed the Murderville series this weekend that I started a few weeks ago. I came out of it with the same idea of the show as I had after watching the first three episodes. Murderville was a mixed bag of a show. The guest star is the key to whether or not the show would work.

The last three episodes featured two really strong ones, both of which screwed up the ending accusations. That was not that important. The fact is, both Sharon Stone and Ken Jeong had some chops with acting/improvisation that allowed them to do more than Annie Murphy (although as a member of Schitt’s Creek cast, she should have been better than it turned out).

One of the keys is that the more the guest star does, the less Will Arnett has to do and when he is more contained, the scenes are so much better. When Arnett goes too wild, things are considerably less entertaining.

I did not expect Sharon Stone to be as engaging as she was. Her episode turned out great. I expected Ken Jeong’s episode would be hilarious, but Sharon’s was every bit as great and might be my favorite of the six.

List of episodes in order of my favorites:

  1. Sharon Stone
  2. Kumail Nanjiani
  3. Ken Jeong
  4. Conan O’Brien
  5. Annie Murphy
  6. Marshawn Lynch

How badly do I want to see Colin Mochrie or Ryan Stiles on this show? Maybe together. No way that Will Arnett could keep up with them.

I do like that our final case was solving the murder of Terry Seattle’s long time partner.

It was up and down but it was an easy watch and the episodes went quickly. I would most likely watch a season two if Netflix greenlit it.

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