The 355

I have been waiting on watching this film for quite awhile now. When it first came out in the theaters (and flopped hard), I thought about seeing it. Pre-pandemic I certainly would have seen it in the theaters. I even had a ticket purchased for it, but I was not feeling well so I never saw it. The critics were not kind to it so it did not become a big need.

Then, it came available on streaming, and I considered renting it, but it was $19.99 and that felt a little pricy for a film that was getting 25% on Rotten Tomatoes. I decided to wait until the price dropped down to rent it.

However, I found out that The 355 was streaming for free on Peacock. That was the price for me!

The 355 was a film featuring a group of female spies in the realm of James Bond who were forced to work together to retrieve a piece of technology that threatened the security of the world. Jessica Chastain, Diane Kruger, Penélope Cruz, Bingbing Fan and Lupito Nyong’o were the stars of the film, each from an organization that was after the technology. Sebastian Stan and Edgar Ramirez were also in the film.

This was an impressive cast of actors, but, honestly, there was not much for any of them to do. The story itself is nothing special and the action was so-so. There were some solid interactions with the characters, as you would expect with the level of this cast. There was not enough elevation of the material to save what was here.

The story was predictable. Simon Kinberg was the director and he has had a few big time fails in filmmaking, including the Dark Phoenix X-Men film. He is not much better in The 355.

After such a long wait, The 355 was hardly worth it. I am glad that I did not spend 20 dollars to watch it. It was not the worst thing I have seen, but with the cast that this movie had, there is no excuse for it to be as weak of a film as it was.

2.5 stars

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