Studio 666

So far in 2022, there are three separate films that will be fighting for the spot atop the Worst Films of the Year list in December. I hated Jackass Forever. Last week was the new Texas Chainsaw Massacre. And now was number three, the horrible horror movie, Studio 666.

I had first heard about this movie during an episode of the Geek Buddies on YouTube where they reviewed the trailer and it sounded like a whole lot of fun.

It was not.

The Foo Fighters (playing themselves) led by David Grohl, had to make a new record, which would be their tenth. However, they did not want the same old sound. So they set themselves up in an old, weird Encino house that had a history of rock-N-roll murders. The house gave the proper sound for the band and they ignored the past. When the demons started coming out and killing people, things start to get hectic for the band.

Okay, first off… the Foo Fighters are not actors. In fact, they were absolutely terrible in this film. They ranged from wooden to overacting in the same scenes. They went to the school of acting where if you make faces, you are expressing emotion, and some of the faces they made were just hilarious, unintentionally.

The story was throw away. The dialogue atrocious. Some of the special effects were decent and some of it looked like a fan homemade movie. There were some vomit scenes (which you know I always hate) that were so ridiculous looking that it did not even bother me.

None of the comedy was funny. It played like a group of adolescents with little to no adult mentality. It was one of those films where I realized about ten minutes in that I was hating this and I actually considered walking out of the theater. I stuck around until the end of this crap because … well, not sure why.

Terrible. If this is not in the top 3-5 worst movies of 2022, then this will have been one horrendous year.

0.5 stars

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