Bringing Up Baby (1938)

DailyView: Day 306, Movie 434

The DailyView travelled back to 1938 for one of the classic screwball comedies of the early days of movies. Bringing Up Baby featured comedic performances from Gregory Peck and Katharine Hepburn, and it was directed by Howard Hawks.

The circumstances that Dr. David Huxley (Cary Grant) found himself in was ridiculous, and it was all the fault of one distinctly odd woman, Susan Vance (Katharine Hepburn). It all started when she took David’s golf ball and played it on the golf course. She then started driving his car, claiming that it was hers. David found himself swept up in the craziness like he had been caught in a tornado.

Turned out that “Baby” was a leopard that Susan was taking back for her aunt. A leopard? Yes, there was a leopard.

Susan pulled all kinds of tricks to keep David with her, preventing him from heading back to New York and get married.

Though there are some issues I had with the characters, the film was funny, and funny can help overcome some issues. Katharine Hepburn was charming, if not annoying at times, and the connection with Cary Grant was obvious. Yes, the pair of them talking at the same time got to be irritating at times, but the reactions they had to the silly situations they found themselves in was definitely the strongest part of the film.

Bringing Up Baby was a lot of fun and silliness. It featured chaotic performances from its two leads and a load of laughs.

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