On the Trail of Bigfoot: The Search (2020)

DailyView: Day 311, Movie 439

The follow-up documentary from Seth Breedlove to the On the Trail of Bigfoot: The Legend doc is subtitled The Search. This documentary is very much the story of the title, a search for Bigfoot.

Three sections are used here just like the previous film. Each section is an interesting look at some of the different individuals and/or organizations that are in pursuit of the mysterious Bigfoot.

In the first section, the doc takes a look at some of the more “out there” theories of Bigfoot and its ability to evade discovery. These theories include ideas that the Bigfoot creature is from UFOs or are inter-dimensional travelers that step through portals and that is how they are so elusive. The first section is really a weird group of theories that, to me, undermines the topic.

In the second section, the tale becomes considerably more relevant and intriguing. Breedlove goes to Area X, one of the hotspots of Bigfoot encounters with the NAWAC, the North American Wood Ape Conservancy. The most fascinating part of this section is how some of the searchers went out with their guns and with an intent of proving the existence of the creature by killing one and bringing its body to science. This debate has raged in the Bigfoot community and it is dealt with in a serious manner.

The final section sees Breedlove meet up with some of the “weekend warriors” who dedicate their time, almost like a hobby, to heading out into the woods and trying to find whatever they could. These lesser scientific methods were interesting too.

Some of the best parts of the doc were recordings of vocalizations and other sounds that are difficult to explain. These recordings are always creepy and unnerving. Of course, this is not evidence of anything, but the ability to hear the unknown sounds brings a reality to the investigatiom.

Seth Breedlove’s cautious skepticism is a welcome attitude. He is legitimately out to try and find out, one way or another, if these creatures are real and that provides his documentary with an importance that may not be provided by a doc from either a true believer or an outright denier.

There are more of these docs that I will be looking at later. They are well done and informational.

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