Rewind (2019)

DailyView: Day 317, Movie 452

I have always enjoyed a good documentary, and I have seen several great docs over the years. However, every once in awhile, one comes along that is really difficult to watch. The 2019 documentary on Hulu, Rewind, was one of those.

Director Sasha Neulinger documented the case of his own family that had to come to understand that there were multiple cases of child abuse within their family. Sasha was one of the children who had been abused by three family members, leading to a terrible childhood where he was on the brink of suicide several times.

Sasha used his family’s extensive home videos to help illustrate the story that he was documenting. Some of the imagery of the young boy made the stories that he was recalling and highlighting all the worse. Some of the footage was of the boy acting out, doing things that were mean or violent because of the horrors he was living through and that made the doc all the more heartbreaking.

Yet, the documentary also had a message of hope, because Sasha was able to survive the abuse heaped upon him, find himself a new, positive situation and prove that the shadow of sexual abuse does not automatically mean that your life is ruined. He showed that even the worst of the worst can be overcome with the dedication of will and help of those good people around you. With the number of kids that are abused every year, that is such an important message to hear.

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