What Haunts Us (2018)

DailyView: Day 318, Movie 455

Another documentary that deals with the horrible topic of sexual abuse. This time, it deals with the abuse of power with a school and members of the faculty that used their power to abuse a group of boys, which went on for years and lead to multiple suicides.

The school: Porter-Gaud in Charleston, South Carolina. Paige Goldberg Tolmach had received word that another former student from her alma mater had committed suicide, she decided that there was something going on and it needed to be looked into. What she found was one of the worst hidden secrets of the school.

Eddie Fischer was the popular teacher who found ways to bring thee young boys to his home and rape them. People were quiet, even though it sounded as if many people already knew that Fischer’s behavior was suspicious, if not criminal. He was a coach and, apparently, any time anyone had an injury, no matter what the injury may be, he wanted them to “drop your drawers.” This became a running gag at the school. This hid a deeper and much worse situation.

Allegedly, administration covered for Fischer when some parents stepped up and came forward to confront the school.

If this doc gives us anything, it tells us that we must not be afraid to step forward and give a voice to the fears or the secrets. This kind of behavior can not survive in the light. It requires kids to do nothing, afraid of being exposed.

It makes one wonder how many Eddie Fischers there are out in our schools today.

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