Relentless (2020)

DailyView: Day 319, Movie 457

I decided to watch a documentary today that was not a story of sexual abuse (which the last couple of documentaries that I have watched were about). This doc is much more inspirational. It was all about DDPYoga.

Diamond Dallas Page was a professional wrestler who, in order to work his own injuries out, started a yoga program designed for the regular guys. The documentary, called Relentless, was the story of how Diamond Dallas Page got his program started and the path it took to becoming a huge success.

The doc does touch upon Dallas’s early days as a wrestler, but it is not a major focus. It is basically included to show how DDP started the yoga program and to give a reason behind his choices. Then the doc features several of the people who have been helped by the DDPYoga and the benefits that they have received by working in the program.

The film tells the abridged story of Jake “The Snake” Roberts and his own personal struggles and how DDP helped save his lie. Plenty of other wrestlers shared their own successes with the program like Chris Jericho, Mick Foley, Stone Cold Steve Austin and Cody Rhodes. But it also included other celebrities who found DDPYoga and changed their lives like Darius Rucker and Gabriel Iglesias.

Even more inspirational was the stories of the non-celebrities that had been helped by DDP.

There were several times when I had some tears in my eyes while watching this doc because of the tales being told by these people. The Jake Roberts stuff was especially touching. DDP truly has made a difference in the lives of people and he deserves every benefit coming his way.

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