The Snapper (1993)

DailyView: Day 323, Movie 462

It is St. Patrick’s Day and I searched up some Irish films to watch tonight. The first one is a coming of age story of a young girl who got pregnant unexpectedly, and brought chaos upon her family by refusing to name the father.

Tina Kellegher starred as Sharon, the young girl who got pregnant by one of her friends’ father (Brendan Gleeson), though she claimed that it was a Spanish sailor instead. Colm Meaney played Sharon’s father who went through the gamut of emotions. First he was embarrassed by the shame of Sharon’s tryst, then angry when the rumors of the possible father came out, and finally a caring and supportive, reading books on pregnancy.

Meaney was the top performer in this film. He was great throughout, as he was able to show many sides to the character. His comedic timing was impeccable and his work as he was rushing Sharon to the hospital was absolutely hilarious.

The family comedy-drama of The Snapper was excellent and realistic. This is a real family and they showed the strains that would come with this situation.

Just a solid little film that was entertaining and funny.

One thought on “The Snapper (1993)

  1. I haven’t watched the movie yet but I really liked the book (along with the vast majority of Roddy Doyle’s work.) I guess the movie changed it but in the book she was actually raped, although she didn’t seem to see it as such.

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