My Dinner with Andre (1981)

DailyView: Day 340, Movie 486

Since I watched the film, My Breakfast with Blassie, this morning, and it is a parody of a film that had been on the watch list for the DailyView for many months now, I figured it was a good time to go ahead and watch My Dinner with Andre.

Featuring actors Wallace Shawn and André Gregory playing fictionalized versions of themselves in a film that sees the two creative people meeting for dinner and conversation at Café des Artistes in Manhattan. Their conversations included the bizarre life led by Gregory, the world of theater, and the way of life.

Wallace Shawn will always be Vizzini to me, from the Princess Bride no matter what he is in. He is one of the most intriguing actors around with his distinctive voice and original appearance. I am unaware of André Gregory. The film was directed by Louis Malle, French director.

The philosophical dialogue and conversation being carried out by “Wally” and Andre was, at both, fascinating and challenging. It ranged all over the place. I found it most interesting when the pair of them were going back and forth. André Gregory had much more dialogue written for his character and he delivered it well, but there are a lot of concepts and ideas in the script that can be hard to follow.

This is a film that absolutely requires focus to understand what is happening. It is amazing that this film is so dominated with the language between two friends.

There is a really interesting shot in the film when Wally is speaking and the camera focuses on his, we can see Andre’s reflection in the mirror behind him and his reflection is looking directly at Wally’s head. It is a totally original way to look at POV. It is interesting as well that when the camera is on Andre, all we see is the back of Wally’s head. Maybe I am looking into it too much, but it is just something I noticed.

My Dinner with Andre has some great dialogue, but it does tend to be a little dull, especially if you have lost track of the conversation. It is extremely well written and deep, but it requires a perfect time to watch it.

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