Moon Knight S1 E3


“The Friendly Type”

Moon Knight’s third episode continued to be some excellent television. I have loved this show very much so far. The biggest facet of the show that I have loved has been Oscar Isaac’s amazing performance as two distinct characters in one body. Playing both personalities, Marc Specter and Steven Grant, he has done stunning work, providing subtle but definite differences between the two characters.

However, in this episode, we get the hint that there may be a third personality hiding inside the head of Oscar Isaac’s character. And that is awesome news. Is it Jake Lockley or some other version? I assume we’ll learn that soon. We are half way through the season now.

Marc Specter was in control of the body much of this episode, with Steven appearing in the reflective surfaces around Egypt. We got more action here, but some of the best action beats continue to be when the personalities are switching. When that happened to Marc early in the episode, it gave us the idea that a third personality had arrived.

Layla found her role elevated this week, including the cold open with her “mother” making her a fake passport. That scene reminded us that Layla’s father was an archeologist and he had been killed in the sand years before. Clearly that is a story bit that is going to pay off down the road.

We had a meeting of the Gods, through their avatars that looked to judge Harrow, but, instead, seemed to place judgment on Marc and Khonshu.

This episode was really packed with material. So much so that it might have been nice to have this episode increased to two instead of one. The whole Egyptian God’s Court scene could have been extended to easily a half hour or more. Understand, it was a great episode, but I would have liked more specifics than what they gave us. Oscar Isaac, who was acting as if Khonshu was speaking through him, and Ethan Hawk’s Harrow were tremendous together once again.

Khonshu and Steven helped turn the night sky back in order to use a map they found on a sarcophagus as a way to find Ammit’s tomb. It was an incredible display of power, as well as some of the best visuals of the series.

This was the episode that featured the actor Gaspard Ulliel, who passed away in January of this year in a skiing accident. Ulliel played Anton Mogart, a wealthy collector who owned a specific sarcophagus that Marc had been directed toward. In the comics, Mogart is known as the Midnight Man. In the episode, Mogart was wounded as he was on horseback riding into the fog. Did the character die? Who knows. Marvel Studios dedicated the episode to Gaspard Ulliel. RIP.

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