The Hitch-Hiker (1953)

DailyView: Day 352, Movie 501

The dangers of picking up a hitchhiker is illustrated in this film noir from the 1950s starring  Edmond O’Brien, William Talman and Frank Lovejoy.

The hour and ten minute film was on Amazon Prime and was in black and white. It was a fictionalized version of the Billy Cook murder spree and became the first noir film directed by a female Isa Lupino (Wikipedia).

Emmett Myers (William Talman) is wanted for his murders of people that picked him up as a hitchhiker. When two friends, Roy Collins (Edmond O’Brien) and Gilbert Bowen (Frank Lovejoy) pick up Myers, they find themselves hostages held at gunpoint for a trip into Mexico.

The three actors had good chemistry with each other, which was important for this to work. However, I had doubt that the two men held at gunpoint couldn’t have found a moment to escape or to overpower Myers along their trip. The three men did not have a lot of character depth and could have used some better dialogue between the three of them.

However, the film looked good for the time it was filmed and the use of the Mexican scenery helped to create a positive environment.

I would have liked more (especially at the end of the film – need some falling action here), but what was here works for what it is.

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