Choose or Die

While I was watching this movie, all I could think about was how Asa Butterfield could have been hired to play Spider-Man instead of Tom Holland. Maybe this is a mean comment, but Marvel sure dodged one there.

Choose or Die is a British horror thriller movie featuring a retro video game called “CURS>R” (pronounced cursor). College student Kayla (Iola Evans) finds the CURS>R game in Isaac’s (Asa Butterfield) apartment and a phone number offering a large prize money. When she begins playing the game, she discovered that the game could interfere in reality, causing a poor waitress to eat broken glass. Kayla has to try and complete the game to stop it.

Boy, this one was horrible.

I’ll try not to spoil it, but there is a scene with Asa Butterfield’s character and video tape that is simply laugh out loud funny. It is so ridiculous that any credibility the film may have had up to that point is utterly destroyed.

Not that there was much before anyway. This was nothing more than cheap video game graphics and jump scares. The characters are weakly developed and we find out some basic facts about them. Kayla has a lot of troubles in her life, but we only hear about most of them. They do not go into any details that are worthwhile.

And then the “Boss Level” of the game is as bad of a sequence as you are going to find. This is prime material for RiffTrax Live because because the entire movie is simply dumb and laughable.

Do not waste your time on this rubbish. It is a remarkably poor film.

1 star

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