Friday Night Titans #7

Spoilers for Schmoedown

Welcome back to the Friday Night Titans review here at EYG. Episode number seven has come and gone with two very exciting and competitive matches.

The main event this week featured Mike “The Killer” Kalinowski, the IG champion, playing singles against “The Boston Badass” Paige Frabetti. Frabetti made her name last season with a major victory over Ben Bateman and she hoped to continue that momentum after joining the Fan Favorites recently.

This was a great match between a Hall of Famer and an up and comer. And it came down to a new rule biting Paige in the butt.

One word cost her this victory.


We learned tonight that the Movie Trivia Schmoedown adjusted the rule about articles this season. According to Mark Ellis, this season a competitor cannot add an article such as “the” at the beginning of a movie title and have it be accepted.

It was Paige’s two point third round question with her behind Kalinowski by a point after he got his 2 point question correct. She held the advantage going into round three after a difficult set of questions for Mike in round two. Paige answered “The Last Action Hero” instead of just “Last Action Hero” for the Arnold Schwarzenegger movie and it cost her those two points, gave Kalinowski the advantage in round three and he did not miss again.

Real tough break. However, if that is a rule adjustment that has been made clear to the players prior to the taping, then it is fair game. Unfortunate for Paige, but fair.

She also got one of the easiest 5-point questions I have heard with the Belfast new release question. Mike’s question may have been easy too, but I did not know it because I have never watched the Saw franchise. I’m sure William Bibbiani knew that question easily.

It was weird because I found myself rooting for Kalinowski, and I am not sure that has happened in years. Perhaps Shannon’s face turn this season has done wonders for Mike and Paige felt more like a heel since she joined Adam Witt and the Fan Favorites.

Another match that came down to the 5-point question was the opening encounter between Klee “Sweet Tea” Wiggins and “The Dealbreaker” Jacoby Bancroft. Klee won this match when Jacoby could not get his five pointer. I swear, every time I see Klee play, I never think she has a chance, but she does great. It seems as if she is an underrated competitor and, now that she is with Winston and SWAG, she may have found a push. Unfortunately for Jacoby, the last few weeks in storyline, he’d been featured only to be defeated tonight. Not sure how that will go for him since there are so few matches this season.

We have also learned that Roxy Striar’s Stars faction is going to be teaming Mr. Erwin up with Slick Nick Hartley as a new team named The Appointment. That team looks formidable since Nick is a solid young player and Mr. Erwin is an all-timer. They announced a squash match for next week with Eric Zipper and Adam Gertler. At least, that is how it feels. I hope I am wrong because Zip deserves better. Adam Gertler has not been around for years and this team is a huge underdog against The Appointment.

By the way, Roxy’s heel work has been on fire this year and her meet up with Shannon at the end of the show was awesome.

I hope there is another big match next week because this one feels like a lesser match.

Also, Andrew Ghai was back behind the desk this week after a couple week dalliance with Ben Bateman and Team Action. Welcome back to the desk, Drew.

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