Blood & Wine (1996)

DailyView: Day 354, Movie 504

Blood & Wine is a neo-noir crime thriller that was directed by Bob Rafelson. Rafelson claimed that this film was the third film in an unofficial trilogy of noir crime films including Jack Nicholson. I started looking for this film on a recommendation and it took my getting Cinemax on Amazon Prime to find it. Unfortunately, I did not find this worth the effort.

Alex (Jack Nicholson) had set up a robbery with an old and dying safecracking partner Victor (Michael Caine) of a diamond filled necklace. Alex had an inside track, the place’s nanny Gabriela (Jennifer Lopez) that he wanted to run off with. He was ignoring his wife Suzanne (Judy Davis) whose son Jason (Steven Dorff) worked with him in his wine company.

The heist itself started the troubles brewing for Alex as things were going wrong. When Suzanne violently confronted him about his adultery, she unwittingly stormed out with the necklace inside a suitcase. This led to Alex and his violent partner Victor to begin to pursue Suzanne and Jason.

The story of this movie as sloppy and inconsistent. The characters’ motivations switched on a dime, especially Gabriela who felt like four different characters depending on what the film’s plot needed her to be. Jennifer Lopez was just not a strong enough actor to pull off the inconsistencies.

I did not have a reason to cheer for any of these characters. At first, it seemed as if Jack was going to be one of those lovable crooks, but he showed his true colors quickly. I did not have enough time early with Steven Dorff to deserve or earn the main character status.

This one I had been expecting good things from, but, sadly, it did not achieve anything more than a low level crime flick.

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