Immortal (2020)

DailyView: Day 358, Movie 510

With the new Nic Cage film on the docket for the evening, I had to wake up early today for another live action short for the DailyView. Today, from the Dust studio, I found the sci-fi film Immortal.

Simple story. In an attempt to find a way to “cure” death, scientist Harper (Meredith Casey) has been carrying on secret experiments that were just beginning to head toward human experimentation. Then, she is discovered.

There is some good acting in the short. There were some really intense moments between Meredith Casey and Laura Coover.

It’s the classic “mad scientist” trope and it went just where I thought it might and ended with a huge cliffhanger, which leaves you with the question of what happens next.

A decent short that make me excited to do the Saturday Short Day that I planned for May.

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