The Legend of Cocaine Island (2018)

DailyView: Day 362, Movie 516

I was in the mood tonight for a documentary. I went to Netflix and started to search though the list of documentaries on the streamer site. I had found a couple of interesting docs that I put on my queue, a couple of documentary shorts that I added to the Saturday Shorts list, but nothing that was really jumping off the screen. Then, I found it.

The Legend of Cocaine Island sounded fascinating and it was absolutely the right choice for tonight.

Following a legendary tale of a mysterious bag of cocaine that had been buried on the Caribbean island of Culebra, family man Rodney Hyden tried to find and dig up the stash of drugs, believed to be worth over $2 million dollars.

This documentary was told with plenty of recreations of the events that led to Hyden spending time in prison for his choices in the treasure hunt.

There was a lot of light-hearted reconstruction of the tale that was being told. The story was one of those stranger than fiction stories and is laid out very well.

I enjoyed the documentary and wonder what these people were thinking.

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