Melody Time (1948)

DailyView: Day 364, Movie 519

It is the penultimate day of the DailyView, and, on this day, I have went over to Disney + for one of the films that has been on my watchlist for several months. It went all the way back to 1948 for an animated film (with some live action mixed in) called Melody Time.

The film featured seven shorter segments with popular music of the time illuminating several stories. Much like Fantasia and Fun and Fancy Free, there was great color, fun animation and entertaining music.

The segments included Once Upon a Wintertime, Bumble Boogie, The Legend of Johnny Appleseed, Little Toot, Trees, Blame it on the Samba, and Pecos Bill.

Some of the stars of the day involved in the film was Roy Rogers, The Andrew Sisters, Dennis Day, Freddy Martin, Buddy Clark, Ethel Smith, Fred Waring, Bob Nolan, The Sons of the Pioneers, Bobby Driscoll, The Dinning Sisters, Frances Langford, and Luana Patten. There was also a segment including Donald Duck.

It is fun. It is a short film. The music may not be as contemporary today as it was when it came out, but it is still enjoyable to listen to and the visual are full of color and engaging.

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