The Boys S2 E3


Remember when I said that episode two of season two was more of a character piece? Well, episode three just kicked the crap out of that episode and took its lunch money.

I had watched a season two trailer after I finished season one, and I damn sure wish I hadn’t because that trailer spoiled a whole bunch of shocking moments in this episode that would have been absolutely insane had I not knew they were coming.

For example, Billy Butcher in the speedboat ramming a whale that had been placed in the path by The Deep which sent the boat inside the whale like a giant missile. RIP Lucy the whale. We hardly knew ye.

I mean… holy crap.

That had to be some of the grossest filming that this cast ever had to go through. How much fake blood and intestines did they have to use?

Also, we saw Homelander ordering Starlight to kill a fairly defeated Hughie. Admittedly, there was a whole Billy Joel allusion that made this moment even more painful. I feel so bad for Hughie because he has been taking it in the rump this whole season.

Oh, and Homelander threw his son off the house roof to see if he could fly. It was another moment spoiled by that trailer. I can only assume the tension that might have been built had I not known that Homelander was tossing poor Ryan off the roof. I did enjoy Ryan’s response to his father here.

I am glad that the reveal to the world about Compound-V came here and didn’t carry on through the entire second season. As I said, I felt that this had played out in season 1 and getting it out of the way in season 2 was smart.

Kimiko’s brother having his hands ripped apart by Stormfront, who turned out to be dramatically racist apparently, was a horrible and Stormfront has set herself up for an eventual faceoff with Kimiko.

The Boys are absolutely falling apart. I feel so bad for Hughie, because he has been taking the brunt of the problems, but everyone has been taking their share. The show has truly been sending them down the low level, putting them at the worst possible moment.

I’m not sure where they go from here. With the Compound-V done, and Vought seemingly unfazed with the revelation (blaming it on the recently deceased Madalyn Stillwell), what do the Boys do now? Is it all a revenge season? Is there another path? There are only five more episodes in season 2 and they certainly can’t depend on harpooning a whale with a speedboat. I assume Stormfront will be front and center, but where do the Boys come in?

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