Friday Night Titans #9


What a shocking heel turn. If I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes, I never would have believed it.

Ben Bateman and Kate Mulligan set up “PG” Peggy Gubbins and The Survivor for a team match with Ben and, a player he called a patreon of his. Nicknamed “Geoff” the guy came out, pretended to be really shy and was covered from head to toe.

Kate had told Peggy that after the match that she would be welcomed back into the Den, because Ben wanted the Den to head in a different, more positive direction.

If you did not see that swerve coming, you haven’t been watching wrestling.

The match was fine, but Ben and Geoff dominated, winning by TKO. And then it happened.

Geoff took off his mask and his outfit to reveal…

Dan Murrell.

The one player who I never thought would go heel and who always looked uncomfortable when Ben would make his snide remarks or use his bad behavior last year when they played together as Danger Zone had gone heel. And with this win, Danger Zone had earned a number one contenders match that had been negotiated at the beginning of the year by Kaiser in an attempt to keep Danger Zone in the Dungeon.

The show had recapped that whole early season storyline, which I thought was odd, but it was clear now why they did that.

Dan Murrell turning heel was something I thought Dan would never do. Kristian had said before that he tried to get Dan to go heel, but Dan always told him that he wouldn’t feel comfortable doing it. Times must have changed since then because he went real heel tongiht.

As they kept calling the mystery player Geoff, I was sure that it was Jeff Sneider. This would have been right up his alley, but I assume that is what the Schmoedown wanted you to think by calling him Geoff the whole match. There was just no way that this was Dan Murrell. And then it was.

Dan Murrell has been my favorite Schmoedown player by far since the Schmoedown’s early days. His match against John Campea brought me into the league to start with. I have cheered for him in every match he has played, even those with Danger Zone. I have never been a fan of the way Ben Bateman plays, but I do respect him as a player. I’m curious to see what will happen when Danger Zone plays again.

The undercard was a decent Innergeekdom match between Amaru Moses and Saul. I kind of like the way Saul has been carrying himself this year and he was inserted into the storyline with Kate Mulligan as well. Saul pulled the upset, defeating Amaru who beta Saul last year.

With this victory, Saul gets a number one contenders match in IG against “The Smasher” Kevin Smets. They had a very respectful, but intense promo confrontation with Jenn in the interview segment. Saul came up with a great line after Kevin spoke about how he had always embraced being the underdog. Saul said “You’re not the underdog anymore.”

I have to say, I enjoyed Saul’s work the last few weeks. It’s going to be difficult to knock off Kevin Smets, but, if you get the right questions, you never know.

Titans was very good this week. Two entertaining matches and a massive heel turn.

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