Grandma (2021)

May 14, 2022, Short 11

Amateur Hour Films is a group of filmmakers from YouTube that I have been introduced to through my fandom for the Schmoes Know Show and other connective YouTube shows. The people behind this group include people who form The Wangers and who have been making short films for several years now, most of which are in the horror genre.

Grandma fits in with that and it featured Cody Hall, playing a man named Jared who has been told to drop off groceries at the grandmother of his girlfriend/friend Megan. The house is dark and seemingly secluded but Jared heads in with a key that Megan tells him is under the mat.

Once inside, Jared realizes something weird is going on and that he was unsure what was happening.

The film is short and I would have liked a little more to have some idea of what was happening, but the short does an excellent job of creating a tone of eeriness and fearfulness, not only with the imagery provided, but also with an excellent use of the score by Alex Marzona.

We find out that this is not the only time this will happen and that Megan has something going on when fellow Wanger Cristian Ruvalcaba (also co-director with Hall) shows up as the next person.

This was fun and, as I said, gives a memorable mood for the audience. I’m interested to check out more from Amateur Hour Films.

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