Teddy (2019)

May 14, 2022, Short 18

We returned to the Amateur Hour Films YouTube page for another of the Wangers’ creative horror shorts. This time, the film is entitled Teddy.

We have Cody Hall once again as out lead character. He played Nate who was trying to get some kind of strange creature home. He was being followed by John (Brian Perez) who wanted to return the creature to wherever it was that they took it in the first place. It seemed as if John and Nate found the creature together and decided to turn it in, but Nate realized that the creature was more than just some monster.

Once again, the tone and mood of the piece are wonderfully built thanks to the spooky lighting (which had to be a challenge to film) and the mysterious creature inside the carrying case. The score worked again extremely well to help create that feeling of dread and anxiety. Marzona does a great job with the scores on these Amateur Hour Films.

The Wangers do a great job of not trying to explain too much. They give us what is needed and allow us to form the rest in our heads. That may be a function of budget but it works well for them.

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