Agent Carter S1 E6-8

Last night, I decided that I was going to pause with the write-ups after the episode because I absolutely wanted to finish season one and, if I took the time to write about each episode, I would not have been able to finish the show. So tonight, after seeing the last three episodes back to back to back, I am doing one overall write-up.

Man, those three episodes were great. Building upon episode four and five, which I loved, these three eps just knocked it out of the park.

Some of my favorite moments:

  • The use of Howard Stark in a conclusion that is meant to bring us full circle from Captain America: The First Avenger.
  • Peggy telling the SSR the truth! It is a strange story beat to tell the truth is so uncommon. How many times can stories be fixed if people just talked to each other. I loved when Peggy and Jarvis just laid it all out.
  • The death of Chief Dooley was extremely well done and surprisingly emotional.
  • Speaking of emotional, Peggy pouring the blood of Steve Rogers into the water nearly brought me to tears. Powerful end for the series.
  • Peggy and Jarvis handcuffed to the table… LOL
  • Peggy showed off her skills and the SSR realized how kick ass she truly was.
  • Daniel Sousa picked up some slack in these episodes.
  • The massacre at the movie theater was brutal.
  •  Ivchenko. Come on. Gotta love those mentalists.
  • Post credit scene:  Ivchenko and Arnim Zola in the same4 cell, with Tobey Jones right there to play the role of Zola. I do not think this gets used in season two (I might be wrong about that) and that is a total shame.

This was so great. It felt like a series ahead of its time in the MCU. Peggy Carter brought such a gravitas in this series and Edwin Jarvis, and his loyalty to Agent Carter, was a special relationship. Howard Stark arrived as a total jerk with the heart of gold. We got to see the façade of Howard Stark crumble away in the finale and get a glimpse into the soul of Howard Stark.

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