Friday Night Titans #12



The new team of Adam Collins and Paul Oyama, team name Coast 2 Coast, wound up playing two games on tonight’s Friday Night Titans. One fun and lighthearted game with The Reel Rejects and a more tense and challenging main event against the new team of Mr. Erwin and Slick Nick Harley, The Appointment.

As soon as I had heard about Collins and Oyama were forming a new team, I thought this would be a real challenge for anyone, and we definitely saw this tonight as they competed against two very different teams.

And they won both. They were more dominant against the Reel Rejects, and won a close matchup with The Appointment.

Collins, now a member of Swag with Winston Marshall, is playing a character trying to look like he has more personality and has some dance moves. In reality, neither of these are Adam Collins’ strength, but his awkwardness is fun to watch.

The Appointment is a member of the Stars and Roxy Striar is doing some of the best heel work in years. The new Mr. Erwin character is great too. Nick Harley, however, may have been the standout character work of the show. Though Nick made several mistakes that helped lead to the loss, his character work as Mr. Erwin’s mouthpiece and overall dude with a bad attitude was very strong. I have said it before but Nick reminds me of WWE superstar Kevin Owens, and that is a really good thing. As he continues to learn the game, he has been excellent in the entertainment part of the show. The Appointment may have lost tonight, but I see big things for this pairing.

During these two games, there were two challenges made, both by Winston and I think both of them were BS. Winston had both of his challenges upheld, but I really disliked both of them. I thought both challenges were pickiness in situations where the others knew the answers.

Next week, Innergeekdom championship with Mike Kalinowski vs. Kevin Smets.

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