Friday Night Titans #14


How can Friday Night Titans go even more WWE? Two words: Contract Signing.

The final scene of the show was a contract signing between Ben Bateman and Mike Kalinowski and it was just like a contract signing in the WWE except the table did not get flipped. Bateman made some snide remarks toward Shannon and Mike responded by trying to strangle Ben. Just like the contract signings from pro wrestling.

There have been a bunch of new teams forming this season, but I have to say that I am unsure about some of the team names. Tonight we had the Movement vs the System and The Next Chapter vs. Pure Energy. However, I am not sure I know any of those names. Sure they are new teams, but they do not tell me much about these players/teams. There is also The Appointment and Coast 2 Coast. Coast 2 Coast is probably the one new team where their name works to give some info on the players.

The Movement is JTE and The Paul Preston and they won a tough match with The System, who is Jeanine the Machine and The Database. There was a controversial challenge over one of JTE’s spelling errors, but it became a moot point because the System missed their 5-point question and the Movement answered theirs.

The opening match was fun, with Rachel Silvestrini and Moose winning against Beth May and Rick Hahn. The match was well done, but definitely down the list of teams in the Schmoedown. I ask myself do either of these teams have a chance to dethrone Shazam? No. However, they could provide entertaining matches.

The Movement vs. Shazam would be an interesting match, though I still see Shazam as the favorites. It sounds as if we might be getting a Movement vs. Coast 2 Coast match first and that will go a long way to showing what kind of teams these are. Then there is still Danger Zone who is owed a number one contender match. By the way, somebody is missing a chance if they do not call The Movement, The [Bowel] Movement.

Friday Night Titans was fun this week. It may not have been as powerful as some weeks, but it helps to develop these teams so that maybe some day I’ll recognize their team names.

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