The Boys S3 E4


“Glorious Five Year Plan”

Every season I get to a point where I am just on the edge of hating Billy Butcher and then he pulls back enough for me to ease down again. We are just about to that point in season three. Butcher clearly cares for Hughie and MM, but he couldn’t give two craps about Kimiko and, because of that, he treats her like a weapon that he can do with what he likes. He looks down on the her, probably because she is a supes.

The season is halfway over and things could not be much worse than they are right now. Butcher and the Boys just awoken Soldier Boy with his gigantic beard and he blasted Kimiko with his chest ray (something I do not know if Soldier Boy could do). The blast was killing Kimiko as her healing did not seem to work. I wonder if that is the eventual way to stop Highlander.

I do not want Kimiko to die, but it was clear that something was going to happen to her or to Frenchie when they had decided to leave the group after this final mission. That is a terrible sign in super hero stories. Don’t be happy and think you are getting out.

Highlander has also really been feeling his oats lately too. He went to Victoria and had her turn on Stan. He had been tormenting all of the members of the Seven. You can tell that he believes he has no weakness right now.

With Starlight and Maeve teaming up to plan an attack on him, Starlight went to Super Sonic for help. This guy has always looked to be a straight laced hero and I did not really expect him to turn on her. However, when he tried to recruit A-Train to the cause (after a confrontation with The Deep), I saw this was a bad move. I even said out loud, “don’t tell him!”

Unfortunately, I was right. A-Train went to Highlander (off-screen) and told him about the plot against him, which led to Highlander murdering Super Sonic as a way to try and keep Starlight in line. It was not surprising that Super Sonic was killed, but it was a shocking moment. Funny, I was listening to John Campea’s show recently when he and Rob Meyer Burnett were talking about Super Sonic, and they set the Over-Under for Super Sonic’s death at 5.5 episodes. Well guys, it is under.

Oh, I skipped over Kimiko’s dildo fight. Not a sentence one would expect to type. It was an awesome segment.

The Boys episode 4 is the low point for the season (at least I hope). I really hope that Highlander gets his comeuppance this season. He deserves it.

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