Friday Night Titans #15


Big match feel this week as we got the second ever match-up in singles of Ben “The Boss” Bateman and Mike “The Killer” Kalinowski.

Mike is now the face which helped in this match-up because Ben Bateman has totally embraced his obnoxious heel role, which makes him extremely difficult to deal with. I have never been a fan of Bateman so it was nice to cheer against him. Unfortunately, Bateman was able to defeat Kalinowski. Mike battled hard all match, but Ben was in control most of the way.

The two of them were animated with their banter and trash talk. It seemed as if they were frustrating Mark Ellis and Ken Napzok at the desk with the continual talking.

With Ben Bateman winning this match, he earned a number one contender match against “Lady Justice” Marisol McKee. Marisol gave Ben a piece of her mind when he tried to interrupt the interview with Mike and Shannon afterwards.

Opening match had two new debuting teams. Last week I complained about team names and there is another example this week. The Culture is a team of Amaru Moses and Klee Wiggins. I like the team, but that name is just about as non-descript as it can get. They took on The Dojo, which I liked better as a name because you had a legend in Mark Riley and a young competitor learning at his side in Jacoby Bancroft. The Dojo worked. And the Dojo won. Riley and Jacoby could be a very capable team in the future.

Oh, and what the heck was Winston Marshall doing?

I’m curious how the tournaments are going to work this season with Friday Night Titans having two matches a week. I have been enjoying the show each week, but I am curious how it will work out.

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