Censor (2021)

June 12th, Movie 13

Ok. So I looked to extend my list of 2021 movies today by searching through some of the “underrated” movies from that year. One that I came up with was on Hulu entitled Censor.

The synopsis sounded intriguing. According to IMDB: “In 1985, Enid Baines [Niamh Algar] works for the British Board of Film Classification during the height of the Video Nasty controversy. Enid’s co-workers call her “Little Miss Perfect” due to her strictness in recommending that violent content be cut or banned. While Enid is having dinner with her parents, they discuss the disappearance of Enid’s sister Nina when the two were little. Enid’s parents have since declared Nina legally dead, but Enid is convinced that her sister is still missing.”

It had a high 89% on Rotten Tomatoes as well, so I decided that Censor would be the film that I used for the June Swoon today.

And yet, this film failed to grab my attention at all. I was uninterested nearly from the start of the film and I could not wait for the end.

I am not sure that I have given this film a fair shot. I had commercial issues with Hulu, which I thought I had a subscription that included “no ads” (I actually did not have that feature).

The film had a definite B-movie horror vibe to it. That is not a bad thing, but it just could not pull me back into the narrative once I was out of it. I do like horror movies.

Perhaps one day this will have to be used as one of those “Do Over” films on a Sunday morning, but, as for now, Censor was just not for me.

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