Friday Night Titans #16


I love Dan Murrell.

So it was tough to find myself cheering against him tonight as he teamed with Ben Bateman in Danger Zone against King Arthur. King Arthur declared themselves a sovereign nation and left the Finstock Exchange, which helped me cheer for them (because I really enjoy “Downtown” Griffey Neums). And I really hate the character of Ben Bateman.

It also goes to show that, although there is a lot of scripted material in the Schmoedown, the Schmoedown matches themselves are 100% above the board, because, if they were scripted, King Arthur would not have defeated Danger Zone tonight. With all of the time spent on building up the heel Danger Zone, they would not have lost if this weren’t real.

But they did lose.

King Arthur is a great team, but I did expect Ben and Dan to win that match up. However, a big 2-point steal in the second round switched momentum to King Arthur and Danger Zone missed their tough 5-pointer in the third round and King Arthur won again to earn a championship match next week on Friday Night Titans against Shazam.

The undercard Innergeekdom match featured “The Hornet” Brandon Hanna versus Brother Lomas. Hanna is another competitor that I have never liked much, but I have to say his new Hornet persona has really been a breath of fresh air. He is funny, quick-witted and a knowledgeable competitor. Hanna was great here and, although he stumbled in the third round, he was able to defeat Lomis in Sudden Death.

Hanna’s new character is great, and… he still holds that feel that he could turn on his new faction some time in the next year. It is an intriguing character.

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