That’s all right, Mama.

The biopic of Elvis is is the most Baz Luhrmann-film that I have seen in years, probably since Moulin Rouge. The film has so much style and such great music that you almost get swept away by that.

However, there are at least two brilliant performances at the center of this movie as well. Austin Butler as the King of Rock ‘N Roll, Elvis Presley and Tom Hanks as the slimy Col. Tom Parker.

Anyone who says that Tom Hanks is just to much of an American beloved figure to ever play a bad guy has no leg to stand on any longer. Tom Hanks made this character so slimy, so unlikable that I wanted him to get his comeuppance the entire time.

But I do not want to blow past Austin Butler because this young man gave us a performance of a lifetime as Elvis. He was absolutely stunning in every minute that he was on screen. He was not doing an imitation of Elvis, he was tapping in the essence of the character. I believe that Butler is destined to be nominated for an Oscar for this role.

There was a lot about Elvis Presley and his relationships (especially with Col. Parker) that I did not know, and it was fascinating to watch things develop. How much Colonel Parker took advantage of “his kid” Elvis was just obnoxious.

Now, I do think that the movie is too long. It could have done with being 20 minutes or so shorter. There were a couple of moments that I would have liked to have had more depth, but the middle of the film could have been tightened up some.

However, that is a small issue because I enjoyed so much of the film. I enjoyed the stylish version of the story, the great performances and the music. It is a long film, but it is worth the time.

4.3 stars

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