Friday Night Titans #16


Major events happened on this week’s Friday Night Titans. The opening match was Robert Parker TKOing Moose in an Innergeekdom match. This was a basic IG encounter to show the strength of “The Spider.”

However, the main event saw the team of King Arthur, including King Kan and “Downtown” Griffey Neums, defeating Shazam, who had held the team titles for about a year and a half and had successfully defended them four times.

Shazam, who are William “The Beast” Bibbiani and “The Kid” Brendan Meyer, have been dominant over this period of time and had been in argument as the greatest team of all time. They were chasing the Patriots’ record of six consecutive title defenses. Unfortunately, they have come up a little short for that.

They lost by two points, 44-42. In the end, what cost Shazam was the movie Boss Baby: Family Business. The question was what the the subtitle of the sequel to Boss Baby. Both Bibbs and Brendan put down “Back to Business” which is a Netflix show, but King Arthur both got it right. This was the only point Brendan missed in the first round, costing them a chance at the bonus point. If they had gotten the Boss Baby question and the extra point in round one, they would have been able to hold off King Arthur.

Shazam is usually one of the best round one teams around, but this time, they ended up with 17 points, trailing King Arthur by 4. They were near impeccable the rest of the way, but that first round made the difference.

King Arthur has been an impressive team and they deserved that victory. They have some deep knowledge and could develop into one of the great teams in the Schmoedown. Since they have dumped Gucci, they are much easier to root for and they have been very entertaining and funny. King Arthur will be a very challenging team to defeat for those titles. Shazam indicated that they would be using their automatic title rematch down the line so King Arthur-Shazam III will happen.

I also wanted to weigh in on Shazam’s place in team history. I do believe they are the best team of all time. The Patriots had more title defenses, but they were not face the number of powerhouse teams that Shazam has and, to be fair, there was a couple of technicalities that allowed the Patriots to keep winning. They could have (should have…even may have) been beaten by Team Trek and MODOK. The game has evolved from when The Patriots were here and it is a much more difficult task with all the studying and the depth. I do have The Patriots at number two overall, but Shazam is still number one because the number of defenses would be the only thing holding them down and the game is so different now that a comparison is unfair.

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