Only Murders in the Building Season 1


One of the shows that I wanted to watch is the Hulu series Only Murders in the Building starring Steve Martin and Martin Short. When season one originally came out, I thought about watching it, but it slipped by the wayside. I’ve always enjoyed Steve Martin and Martin Short and the idea of them in a murder mystery was very intriguing. With the second season starting, this was a great chance to see if I was going to enjoy the show.

I started season one and ended season one on the same day. Breezed right through it. It was so good.

The central mystery of the show is set up in the first episode and it is extremely compelling with a plentiful amount of suspects and twists and turns. It is plotted out well and each episode helped build the story. There were some really cool episodes, including one that had basically no dialogue and was focused on a deaf character and the use of ASL. The story mixes together and it works extremely well.

Steve Martin and Martin Short have great chemistry and are filled with humor. Selina Gomez does an extremely good job and, to be honest, I was not expecting for her to be as excellent as she was. She fit right in with the two lead legends in the film and she absolutely carried her ow

There were some wonderful guest stars here too including Nathan Lane, Jane Lynch, Tina Fey, Sting, and Jimmy Fallon.

The arrival of the bassoonist Jan (Amy Ryan) helped open up the Steve Martin character and they fit together and, when we discovered that Jan was the actual killer, it was a tough reveal. Steve Martin was amazing during the confrontation between them.

And the show did a great job of setting up for season two.

I know a few episodes of season 2 have dropped so I am looking forward to continuing with this every Tuesday on Hulu.

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