Friday Night Titans#18


I am in total shock.

I can not believe what was announced at the beginning of the most recent Friday Night Titans. It shook me to the core.

The episode featured two fun matches that were very difficult to watch. Barbarian defeated Brandon “The Hornet” Hanna and two new teams including Chance Ellison’s new team defeating Zipper and Paige. They were good matches but they paled in comparison for the announcement made by Kristian Harloff and Mark Ellis at the beginning of the episode.

This season, season 9 of the Movie Trivia Schmoedown will be the final season. The MTS is ending.

This blew my mind. I never expected this and I immediately started wondering why. I suppose it had to do with money and the cost of running the show at the level that they were going.

I have spent the better part of the last nine years watching, supporting and enjoying the content provided by the Schmoedown. Some of the great moments of entertainment over the years have come with the Schmoedown.

One of the things that immediately crossed my mind, here at EYG, was that I established the Schmoedown wing of the EYG Hall of Fame just this past year and I intended on continuing over the years to induct Schmoedown competitors. So I am going to induct a few more competitors into the Schmoedown wing tonight and then close it down. Three of these would have been inducted this coming February.

Final inductees from the Schmoedown into the EYG Hall of Fame are: Mark Reilly, Shazam (William Bibbiani & The Kid Brendan Meyer), Samm Levine, William “The Beast” Bibbiani and Ethan Erwin.


The Schmoedown will continue to run until October where the Spectacular is scheduled to end it all.

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