Only Murders in the Building S2 E3


“The Last Day of Bunny Folger”

Episode three of Only Murders in the Building did something this week that I did not expect.

They made Bunny Folger likeable.

The episode followed the character of Bunny Folger, the unlikeable woman at the head of the Arconia board who was found murdered to kick off this new story arc for season two, and the show took this one note character and created something more and I suddenly was upset that she was murdered.

Amazing how a little switch in perspective can do wonders for a character.

Using the newest podcast episode to feature the last day of Bunny was a clever storytelling method for this episode. Having our main characters narrate the story and then discuss the clues we discover and seeing how the three of them interacted with Bunny on that fateful day was fascinating.

And the fact that Bunny, on the day of her death, had come to Charles’s apartment to give them champagne and she was hoping to wrangle an invite to come in and hang with Charles, Oliver and Mabel because she was feeling so alone. Then, when they did not invite her in, Bunny went back to her apartment and was attacked.

The line near the end of the episode was haunting: “We, at Only Murders, did not kill Bunny Folger, but there is a chance that we could have saved her life with a simple act of kindness.”

Because she’s an actual witch, that’s how

A laugh out loud line from Martin Short.

Now we have a mystery to solve that is important…

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