I have been waiting for the right time to watch this movie. I have heard a lot about RRR, an Indian Telugu-language film that was supposed to be a real kick. That is a definite understatement.

In 1920, during the British Raj, a cruel British administrator Scott Buxton (Ray Stevenson) and his vicious wife (Alison Doody) abducted a young girl named Malli (Twinkle Sharma) from her tribe of Gond. Gond tribe protector, Komaram Bheem (N.T. Rama Rao Jr.) promised that he would bring the little girl back to her tribe.

Meanwhile, Alluri Sitarama Raju (Ram Charan) was a member of the Indian Imperial Police and he was dedicated to do whatever he could to advance in the ranks. Raju took the assignment of bringing Bheem to the British Raj.

Without knowing it, Raju and Bheem’s paths cross when they team up to save a young boy’s life after a train crash. They became best friends. Raju helped Bheem to meet the lovely British lady named Jenny (Olivia Morris). They bonded with each other, becoming as close as brothers.

However, their personal missions would soon come between them as their purposes were at odds.

Raju and Bheem were real-life historical Indian revolutionaries but these versions of these men are fictionalized and emphasized. They never really met in real life, but this was not the only thing that the film took liberties with. Little things like gravity or realism got in the way of these characters. You could tell right off the bat what kind of movie this was going to be as Raju waded through a mob of protestors to get to arrest one individual. Everybody here was shown to be larger than life… almost mythological, and that made this almost like a superhero movie.

This was not just a superhero movie but also a wild adventure, a musical with massive dance routines, a drama, or a bromance. There were a couple of times, with all of the slow motion that was happening that I thought I might be in a Zack Snyder movie.

Music was vital to the story as it was the song from Malli (along with her art) that led to the British snatching her and taking her with them to Delhi. The giant dance routine at the party- Naatu Naatu was just tremendous. There was another scene where Bheem was inspiring a crowd with a song later in the film too. The music was amazing and even when you wouldn’t think that it would work in a film, it did here every time.

This film was so filled with energy, joyousness and power. It was undeniably fun and colorful. I was engaged in the movie immediately and I never lost my interest despite its long run time. It was 3 hours and 7 minutes and it was epic. It was very violent. It was funny. It was exciting.

I was not sure what to expect from this one and the film length had led me to push off the viewing of this on Netflix. Yet, I loved this. Was there some ridiculous stunts? Absolutely. But I was all in despite of them and I was thoroughly entertained.

5 stars

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