Only Murders in the Building S2 E4


“Here’s Looking at You”

What a wonderful episode.

The fourth episode of the second season of Only Murders in the Building was so good, it was over before I realized. It just flew by and I loved everything about it.

Lucy, the daughter of the woman Charles was involved with prior to the show, showed up on his doorstep at the Arconia. It had been eight years and Charles and her mother had a bad breakup and she had told Charles “no contact.” Lucy was the reason he would still wake up and make an omelet every day.

At the end of the last episode, Charles bravely decided to text her and she did respond. Little did he know that she was already involved in the new case.

More evidence showed up in Charles’s apartment, this time the murder weapon. The whole murder weapon bit, with it getting stuck in the ceiling, was hilarious, and Lucy provided an important clue as she showed Charles the secret entrance to a hidden pathway that went within the walls of the Arconia, probably used for Prohibition.

We also learn that Lucy was in the building on the night of Bunny’s murder and that she was in the passageways, hearing the murder and seeing a masked man, who sneezed (that’ll be important), retreat into the passageways. She was able to avoid being seen.

I enjoyed the character of Lucy quite a bit. She was played Zoe Colletti. She had a very easy chemistry with all of the three leads, but especially Steve Martin. I really believed that Colletti was an important person to Charles and that they had a strong relationship.

But some of the doubt within Charles is just funny as can be. He says he does not understand what she is saying because she is too young and uses words like “Manhatty”. Charles drops the quote, “It’s like I’m watching Squid game without the subtitles.” The generation gap plays very well already in the series with Charles and Oliver and Mabel, and now Lucy just adds another level.

There were a couple of other major occurrences in this episode. Nina Lynn was basically scratched off the suspect list as she went into labor, had to be comforted by Charles and told him that she wanted him to find whoever killed Bunny.

And even more intriguing was the return of Nathan Lane’s Teddy, who was back in the Arconia awaiting trial. He had a unbelievably tense and hilarious scene with Oliver in the elevator where Teddy let his purpose be clear… he was going to get Oliver (though that was not quite the word he used). Nathan lane’s return was great and adds even more issues for the threesome this season.

Another excellent week of mystery, comedy and characters that I have grown to love. This series streams on Hulu.

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