Only Murders in the Building S2 E6


“Performance Review”

Every week when I watch Only Murders in the Building, there are two items that every week I can almost guarantee that I think about after watching the new episode on Hulu.

  1. I would love the charming, humorous episode, and….
  2. It feels like it goes way too fast.

Ever since I have begun watching this show on a weekly basis, I swear each episode ends and it feels to me that it had just started. It’s always around 35 minutes, give or take, but it goes so quickly that I feel upset. This is not a show issue, it is a me issue. I just want to make the comment that I am enjoying this show so much that time flies by in no time.

Last week’s cliffhanger over the question of Oliver’s son’s true parentage was teased all episode. I do love the fact that Oliver has told his two friends the truth of this so he could lean on them while he awaited for the DNA test to come in. We did not see him tell Mabel or Charles, but the discussions indicated that he had. I love that he did that and it played off the fact that Charles had hidden the fact of his relationship with Jan (by the way, using Jane Lynch as Charles’s stunt double to break up with Jan was inspired).

It was a tough week for Mabel. When the three crime fighting podcasters realized that they were not texting with Detective Williams when they were asking about a matchbook they found that had a blood mark and a fingerprint upon it, they decided that they would set a trap for this person. They were going to set up an evidence pick up and placed a glitter bomb in the trash can instead.

Turned out the mysterious man in black was bombed with the glitter, that our crimefighters missed because they were arguing over Charles’s strange relationship with Jan.

Mabel had come across her girlfriend Alice at her apartment, who was creating some kind of mural dedicated to ‘Bloody Mary.’ Mabel took off feeling betrayed.

She also wound up on a subway train with the man in black covered with glitter who came toward her.

Oliver’s son sent an online video to his father from someone who filmed Mabel stabbing the man in black with her knitting needle, continuing to make her look like an unbalanced killer.

There was also an interview on Tina Fey’s character’s podcast, Only Murderers in the Building, of one of Mabel’s old co-workers who claimed that she had cut off his finger.

Public opinion is certainly building up to make Mabel look like she is guilty. Our killer is going out of the way to make her look bad.

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