Thirteen Lives

One of the most dramatic true stories of recent memory turned into the focus on Ron Howard’s latest film as Thirteen Lives, a film based on the group of footballer kids who would up trapped in a cave for 18 days as the water rose around them, found its release on Prime Video the past Friday.

The daring underwater cave diving rescue is compelling as can be and it is filmed expertly so. The rescue of the 12 children and their coach in 2018 from Thailand’s Tham Luang Nang Non made international headlines in 2018.

Ron Howard organized a great cast featuring Colin Farrell, Viggo Mortensen, Joel Edgerton, Paul Gleeson, and Tom Bateman who played the experienced cave divers who came to help with the rescue and eventually became a vital cog in an insane plan.

There were a lot of scenes that helped develop the story that were strong and powerful, but there was not a ton of depth given to characterization. The story was strong enough to carry the film through.

I thought this was a great movie, but, to be honest, I was not sure the purpose of making a big screen film version of the tale considering there is a documentary on Disney + called The Rescue that does the same job as this film, including dramatic real life videos and clips showing the rescue. Though I thought that Thirteen Lives was really great and an excellently created, I personally preferred the doc, which had me glued to every real image.

Still, Thirteen Lives is excellent, features a heart-warming true story, and has a top cast giving their best performances in a ton of water. I thought Colin Farrell was the standout as he beautifully portrayed the uncertainty of the situation on his face.

Thirteen Lives is on Prime Video

4 stars

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