Sylvester Stallone joined in with the super hero genre in the new film on Prime this weekend called Samaritan. However, Stallone is not unfamiliar with the super hero genre as he appeared in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 and Judge Dredd.

Stallone played Joe, a garbage man who tried to stay out of the way and just fill his day by fixing junk that he would find in the dumpster. When Joe helped protect a young boy Sam (Javon Walton) from a group of bullies, Sam discovered that Joe had certain powers. Joe was a huge fan of the hero Samaritan, who had been believed to have died fighting his brother Nemesis years ago, but who Joe believed was alive.

Local criminal and gang member Cyrus (Pilou Asbæk) was looking to create chaos and burn the city down around him. He was able to find a powerful hammer that had been created by Nemesis as one of the only things that could hurt Samaritan. Cyrus, trending his best Arthur Fleck imitation from the end of Joker, roused up the street people into a mob to follow his orders. Cyrus had taken the identity of Nemesis for himself.

After that, the story gets a little too convoluted and the motives and desires of Cyrus was inconsistent. There was little development to the character and he was really just the old mustache-twirling villain.

Stallone looked like he was having quite a good time and Javon Walton was decent. The third act had the kid doing too much yelling and that never works for the subtlety of the moment.

Without spoilers, there was a twist in the film that I had guessed way back at the beginning. To be fair, I only thought it could have been a neat idea if the film went that way, but I did not expect they would. As the film went on, I thought it was much more likely, and I liked it when they actually went there.

There are some good moments in Samaritan and it gave us a branch of the super hero genre that we had not seen yet. It was a decent watch on a Saturday night at home. It may not be the greatest super hero flick we’ve ever seen, but it has some positives too. I liked watching it.

3.1 stars

2 thoughts on “Samaritan

  1. Horrible film, so predictable (I guessed the ‘twist’ within the first ten minutes) that it never surprised me once, and the violence at the end was more boring than exciting (where’s the suspense/drama in a bulletproof superman in fist fights with ordinary crooks with guns? It got so I felt sorry for the poor bastards).


    • I I got the twist too. I was actually happy they did it because it felt like something that was not very safe. I agree the ending fight was not great. I liked it more than you did, but it was far from great.


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