She-Hulk: Attorney at Law S1 E4


“Is This Not Real Magic?”

Donny Blaze?

No, he is not Ghost Rider. He is a failing magician who has a sling ring. His use is a danger to the world and Wong returns again to try and put a stop to it.

My first thought as we saw Donny performing to a relatively bored crowd was, in a world with super heroes and sorcerers, wouldn’t a stage magician seem really boring. When reality is more amazing than the show, how do these magicians survive?

With the return of Wong, and the arrival of Maddisynn, there were a lot of laughs with the ditzy character who spoils The Sopranos and our Sorcerer Supreme. Wong and Maddisynn had some great chemistry and the humor was right on point. Benedict Wong does a masterful job of keeping the balance between the strange humor and the seriousness of his position. Wong seems to be able to fit into any tone or any situation in the MCU ( or is it the Wong Cinematic Universe?)

She-Hulk does some online dating and she finds every loser in LA. Wong’s line about feeling like Jen’s dad when he arrived and interrupted Jen and her date on the couch was hilarious.

The episode ends with Jen receiving a court notice about Titania sewing Jen over her use of the name She-Hulk, which Titania had copyrighted.

The post credit scene included Wong and his bestie, Maddisyn with two Ns, an I and a Y but not where you think!

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