Cobra Kai Season 5


I had intended on doing a write up after each episode of Netflix’s hugely successful series, Cobra Kai, after the fifth season episodes dropped. However, when I started watching the show Friday afternoon, I just did not want to take the time in-between the episodes to write. I just wanted to get to the next episode and, before you knew it, I was done with the series. So instead, I decided to do a season 5 overview instead.

Season five was just tremendous. I think it may be my favorite Cobra Kai season yet. It was just so enjoyable and it actually seemed to break some of the series’ own typical trends. There were a very limited amount of group fights between the kids of the show. It seemed in past seasons, the kids of the different dojos were constantly physically fighting, and, while there was some of that, the giant fight scenes were kept to a minimum. That made the fight in the finale feel much more important.

Another thing they switched up this year was the re-introduction of Mike Barnes. As a long time fan of General Hospital, I was looking forward to the return of Sean Kanan, who played AJ Quartermaine on the soap. Just about everyone speculated that Terry Silver would call on his old associate Barnes, the bad boy of karate, to help him out with his new plan. However, the show took that expectation and twisted it, bringing back Barnes, but making him a decent guy who has overcome his horrendous past to build a better life. I loved the use of Kanan in these episodes mainly because of the switch up.

Chozen is one of the best aspects of season five. I was really worried about him though because as soon as he made that phone call back to Kumiko’s voice mail, I was sure that he was doomed, and it sure seemed as if I was right about my fear when Silver left Chozen sliced and diced faced down in his fountain, bleeding from a series of sword cuts. Thankfully, Chozen survived, continuing to prove he was the biggest bad ass on the show.

I also loved the maturing of Johnny after learning that Carmen was pregnant with his child. He still approached everything with the immaturity of Johnny Lawrence, but he was trying his best. Plus, the friendship between Daniel and Johnny finally seemed to be able to put the past away. In every other season, Daniel and Johnny try to make amends only to find themselves on opposites once more. Not this season, which was epic. Once Johnny got back from Mexico, the friendship really became an important part of the show.

Daniel was put through the ringer this season. Building on his borderline paranoia over Terry Silver, Daniel was becoming someone we did not recognize. He went from someone out of control when it came to Silver to someone in total control in the finale. Daniel had a great arc this season.

It was also epic to see Miguel and Robbie finally put their anger with each other away and become friends. In the fight between them this season, they used flashbacks to their infamous school fight to perfection. It built beautifully on what they had done before and what they had learned in the previous seasons.

Tory Nichols and her story arc was excellent too. At first, working as a mole inside Cobra Kai for John Kreese, and then eventually arriving to Sam and the others in her “Rogue/X-Men” moment. There was a lot of getting past old baggage between characters this year.

Speaking of Kreese, he showed how much of a bad ass he still was. Yes, I thought he had actually died in the finale, but I was fooled. I have no idea where he will go now, but I am there for it.

There are scenes and evens that happen in Cobra Kai that would not work in a lot of other series because it would be just too corny. However, it all works beautifully in Cobra Kai for some reason. There are plot points and moments that should never work, but fit into the tone of this series perfectly. Season five just flew by and it blended each episode together with a wonderful cast of characters that spanned the gamut from oddball to sinister, and it does so with a smoothness that just should not work. And yet it does.

Cobra Kai season five was just exceptional and, even though most of the main threads seemed tied up nicely, I hope there will be more Cobra Kai to come.

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