Confess, Fletch

I had not heard about this reboot until very recently. I was never much of a fan of the original Fletch series. I just recently (during the DailyView, in fact) watched the original Chevy Chase Fletch for the first time. I did like it, but I did not think it was anything that would create such a cult following as it has.

So, I was intrigued when I heard Jon Hamm was cast as the new lead in a new Fletch movie. Jon Hamm has always had a pretty good comedic binge to him and I like him much more than Chevy Chase.

Based on a 1976 novel of the same name, Fletch comes to Boston to investigate his girlfriend Angela’s (Lorenza Izzo) missing father and stolen paintings. Once he arrived, he discovered a dead body in the townhouse where he was staying and, unfortunately for Fletch, he became the lead suspect.

I really enjoyed this movie. I found the murder mystery to be very entertaining and well done. The tone of this revisited the old murder mysteries that had a hero sneaking around trying to solve the case while the police were trying to catch him. There is a Beverly Hills Cop vibe to this though Fletch was nowhere near as cool as Axel Foley.

Roy Wood Jr. played Detective “Slo-Mo” Monroe and he brought a lot to the role. He had a strong comedic presence while being a competent character. Wood Jr and Hamm had some solid chemitry with each other as antagonistic forces to each other. Kyle MacLachlan, who I have always loved since his time on Twin Peaks, added to the cast as well.

The laid back nature of Jon Hamm really worked well in this film. He fit the shyster type well and I was easily bought into the movie in the early set up.

I would actually love to see another film with Jon Hamm in this role. Confess, Fletch was a lot of fun and very funny.

4.1 stars

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