Last Seen Alive

As I opened up Netflix to see what was on the streaming service, I discovered a film called Last Seen Alive featuring Gerard Butler. It was listed as the number one movie on the streaming service. I had never heard of it, but the length of the film fit nicely into the time I had available, so I decided to give it a watch.

In the film, Gerard Butler played Will, the husband of Lisa (Jaimie Alexander). Will and Lisa were having problems in their marriage and Lisa was needing a break. So Will was taking her to her parents where she planned onstaying.

Needing to stop for gas, Lisa disappeared after going into the station. Will looked desperately around, but he could not find her, and the station attendant was stonewalling him. Will called the police, speaking with Detective Patterson (Russell Hornsby), but the police began to suspect that Will may have been more involved than he was admitting.

This is a typically generic action/revenge movie. There is nothing here that hasn’t been seen before and is pretty predictable. Gerard Butler has played this same type of heroic role several times in his career. He was fine. I like Russell Hornsby, whom I knew from TV’s Grimm. Jaimie Alexander, aka Sif from the MCU, did not have much to do.

There was an explosion during the film that looked absolutely horrible. The CGI on the fire appeared very amateurish.

I did not hate the film. In fact, I was engaged in parts of it. There just did not seem to be much reason for it. It had nothing original to say and moved rapidly through the story it was telling. It was not a bad time watching it, but you’ve got to shut off your brain and not think too much.

2.75 stars

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